Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2016 - Summary

Message from Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh, Director of the Haruv Institute We are happy to present to you our annual report of the Haruv Institute’s activities for the year 2016. It is intended to provide basic information on the array of programs which the Institute initiated, developed, and implemented in 5 major areas:

• Study and Training Programs • Conferences and Study Days • Projects • Research and International Activities • Haruv – USA

The Haruv Institute is the leading body in Israel, and among the leading institutes in the world, for training in the field of maltreated children. The goal of the Institute is to train professionals, professional aides, investigators, parents and children, addressing every aspect of the prevention, detection, treatment and rehabilitation of maltreated children – along with the renewal and gradual building up of cutting- edge professional knowledge and its dissemination in Israel and throughout the world. Over 7,000 professionals actively took part in the annual and periodic programs run by the Haruv Institute in 2016 in Israel and abroad: events, seminars, conventions and workshops – in one-day or two-day activities and in study programs that ran for longer periods. Tens of thousands of people were exposed to the contents presented in these venues, transmitted by trained personnel, via written information disseminated by the institute at conventions and training sessions, or through the media, internet and the social media. This report reviews our activities, which we hope you will find interesting. Among other things, you will also find information on the wide spectrum of activities that the Haruv Institute initiated, developed, conducted and shared. Next to each activity appears its estimated budget. We will be pleased to receive your feedback and ideas, which could help improve and promote our activities, for the benefit and welfare of children-at-risk.

Sincerely, Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh Executive Director, Haruv Institute


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