Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2016 - Summary


Meeting the Challenge The Haruv Institute, established by the Schusterman Foundation Israel, is the leading body in Israel for training and research in the field of maltreated children. The goal of the Institute is to train professionals, professional aides, investigators, parents and children, in the field of treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect. The uniqueness of the institute lies in its multi-disciplinary and comprehensive activities that promote this goal from every aspect –medical, legal, psychological, educational and social. The Institute works towards coalescing a professional and public congregation, characterized by a broad general education and suitable skills and training, to advance the well-being and welfare of maltreated children. Towards that goal, the Institute works towards improving the tools at its disposal through the following means: Renewing and building up cutting-edge professional knowledge and its dissemination in Israel and throughout the world. Conducting study programs and courses, both short and long-term, for different target groups. The programs are all customized to the specific needs of each group. Organizing conventions, study days and seminars with the participation of prominent experts from Israel and abroad. These events are held throughout Israel, for various target groups, with emphasis on the peripheral communities, to help expand their knowledge and acquired information. Producing and distributing information and professional publications on the abuse and neglect of children – publishing data sheets, pamphlets and articles that review and gather relevant topical information; conceptualizing and documenting clinical field research; translating up-to-date information into Hebrew. Providing access to a database via the website, which includesa wide scope of information and lectures on various forms of abuse, both for families and professionals. Training young researchers Exchanging professional knowledge between Israel and other countries, and developing its international leading role by expanding its activities and presence and disseminating up-to-date innovative information in the field. This includes the establishment of a branch of the Haruv Institute in Tulsa, Haruv-USA, and exchanging delegations of academicians and policy-makers from different countries.


The Haruv Institute : A Snapshot of 2016 Activities

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