Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2016 - Summary

2. Training Programs for Professionals in the Arab Sector Addressing the issue of sexual abuse in the Arab sector requires an approach that is different from other sectors, due to the special culturally-linked sensitivity of the Arab society to this subject. Up to 2016, the training programs concentrated on the sexual abuse and treatment of children who were victimized. In 2016, in order to continue and expand these programs, it was decided to introduce training programs on locating and identifying sexually abused children within the Arab population. The aim of the training program, held at the village of Tira, was to increase the pool of professionals among the Arab population who specialize in treating child victims of sexual abuse, and their families, by acquiring advanced theoretical knowledge and tools for implementation to cope with the phenomenon. 3. Community Protection Committees: A Study Program for the Religious Zionist Settlements This is a multi-year program, designed for protective committees. These committees consist of volunteer professionals and officials, chosen by members of the settlement. The aim of the program is to help the community increase the safety of their children, by protecting them from abuse. The program is divided into two types of training: a daylong seminar, in which the participants are recruited, and a training program. The program’s graduates then receive individual supervisory sessions. 4. Study days: Therapeutic discourse with children, for the treatment staff of the new child protection center in Ashkelon The study day on the above subject is part of the study activities of the Haruv Institute at the child protection centers. The child protection centers often cope with situations in which child victims of abuse cannot, for a variety of reasons, undergo investigation. This day seminar aimed to facilitate therapeutic discourse with children, and included a workshop on how to encourage children to talk who are not under investigation. The treatment staff discussed whether it is right or desirable to encourage an abused child to speak and how to go about it.


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