Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2018


One-Day Study Seminar: Maltreatment of Children in a Society with Multiple Religions April 30, 2018 Goal: To provide tools relating to children-at-risk in a society with multiple religions, accompanied by a presentation of the work done at the protection center in Jerusalem with the ultra-Orthodox community and describing its characteristics, with emphasis on work done with the rabbis. Target Population: Clerics from all the religions and professionals from various disciplines.

Number of Participants: 70

Location: The Sam-Nobel Museum, Norman

Budget : $ 2,000

One-Day Seminar on Motivational Interviewing May 14, 2018 Goal: To provide tools and skills for the motivational interviewmodel – a model for n impacting

change with parents who are under the care of the welfare services. Target Population: Welfare workers of the American Indian population.

Number of Participants: 42

Location: Talakawa

Budget : $ 1,500

Summer Course for M.A. students of Social Work May 2018

In collaboration with: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Oklahoma University Goal: To provide tools for working with children-at-risk, discussing sexual abuse between siblings, both from the treatment and research aspects. The course hosted two guest lecturers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Target Population: M.A. students.

Number of Participants: 20

Location: Oklahoma University

Budget : $ 6,000


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