Haruv Institute - Annual Report 2019


Policy Forum

The Haruv Children's Campus brings together under one roof, eight organizations devoted to working with maltreated children. Each organization specializes in a different aspect, with different perspectives and a variety of disciplines. This reality creates a golden opportunity for us to pause the intensive work flow on occasion, and bring everyone together to glean basic issues from our daily experience which require change at a municipal level, some even at a national level. During the previous year's activities, a challenge surfaced in the form of a long wait for investigations to end at Beit Lynn, leading to a delay in beginning therapy at The Meital Center. Families may be forced to wait for months in some cases, until their eligibility is granted. The prolonged wait creates many hardships, as the abused minor is not treated on time, and when the family finally does reach The Meital Center, they are resistant due to the deferral endured. In the second half of 2019, Beit Lynn and The Meital Center initiated a pilot program in collaboration with the Jerusalem municipality, in an effort to process therapy referral through Beit Lynn, thus facilitating automatic transfer to The Meital Center with very little delay. At this time, the pilot serves only those families investigated at Beit Lynn. Unfortunately, during the six months the pilot ran, only two adolescent girls who met the criteria were identified. An examination done by the Protection Center between August and December 2019 showed there were 16 families at the Center who ostensibly fit the pilot. However, nine of these families were previously known to welfare services, three required welfare services intervention, and the others did not require specifically designated treatment, but rather a broader emotional approach. It is our opinion that pilot criteria should be more expansive and flexible, which requires further meetings between Jerusalem Municipality representatives and supervision, The Meital Center and Beit Lynn.

Total Pilot Cost: ILS 11,000



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