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About EcoMotion EcoMotion is a dynamic and growing community in the Smart Mobility field comprised of over:

600 startups

13,000 community members


Founded in 2012, EcoMotion is a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute (NGO) along with the Smart Mobility Initiative (PMO), Ministry of Economy, and the Israeli Automotive and High-Tech industries. EcoMotion Activities EcoMotion creates a platform for startups to connect with other community members such as global industry, entrepreneurs, academia, government officials, investors and more in the field of smart mobility, in order to share knowledge, network and explore synergies.

4 About EcoMotion EcoMotion Booklet 2021

EcoMotion encourages innovation through a varied toolkit offering meetups, challenge competitions, investor events, adaptathons, the annual Main Event and more. In the past three years EcoMotion has also begun supporting the implementation of smart mobility solutions in Israel, working with municipalities, public transportation providers, infrastructurecompanies and more.





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Drones & Aviation Aerial Vehicle | Components | System& Software Services & Applications | Pads

Supply Chain AdvancedMaterials |Production4.0| Logistics |Shipping Maritime | Port Optimization | Customer Experience

Join Us Adapting tocurrent needs, EcoMotion transferred its toolsandactivities to the virtual space to create a deeper and wider engagement with community:



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Orlie Gruper Executive Advisor, EcoMotion Israel Innovation Institute

Writing this I am moved as this is the last year I am leading the EcoMotion Main Event which grew to EcoMotion Week. I feel blessed for being part of this revolution, part of this community, part of the global ecosystem, creating the present and future of smart mobility. From being the first female entrepreneur in the community founding an electric motorcycle company where I helped remove petrol two-wheelers on the roads to clean electric mobility fast forward to my role in the past 5 years of facilitating platforms for all mobility players to interact & create synergies for creation of better future for us and the generations to come. I Hope you felt part of the growth, the deepening, the widening and the scaling, it is thanks to everyone in the community that all of the goals that were envisioned exceeded expectations. I want to thank you for your support, partnership and friendship, I promised to keep supporting this amazing community from the advisory board. It was important to me to find someone with deep understanding and knowledge of the communitywith a big heart to step in before I step out into my next cycle. I am certain EcoMotion will continue to reach new heights with Eviatar’s leadership, and I’m excited to see them. Endless opportunities are arising for all players in the field, responsibilities are shifting as is the process of creation of new products & services. Once created in house behind secretivewalls, today the biggest players are open to collaboration knowing it will benefit all sides. In this revolution, startups will become industry players, OEMs can become energy companies, which can become mobility hubs and insurance companies can become mobility service providers. This is the most interesting chapter to come.

6 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Eviatar Tron Executive Director, EcoMotion Israel Innovation Institute

Change isMotion. The last year has shownus that changes can come abruptly, but also, how adaptive we humans are to change. This thought is comforting, and also inspiring. What are the changes waiting around the corner, and how quickly will we adapt to them? As the world starts seeing the end of the pandemic, it is again time for changes. Many of us spent 2020 confined toour homes. Commutedwindled, air traffic halted, our meetings went online and deliveries rocketed. We now start thinking about the world to come: What does post- pandemicmobilitymean?Awareness is nowraised toclimatechange, to the delicacy of global supply chain (as demonstrated by Ever Given), to inequality between parts of the world (as manifested by vaccination rate in different countries) How will all that effect innovation in mobility? EcoMotion will be entering its tenth year, and changes happen in EcoMotion as well: I am stepping in to replace Orlie, after her four years of promoting EcoMotion toever growingheights. I amnot new toEcoMotion, having served in its advisory fromits conceptionback at 2012. Fromthat backseat I experienceda rideof a lifetime: froman unconference with a few enthusiastics and open engine hoods to a thriving global community, withover 600 startups, 13,000members and a network effect boosting smart mobility innovation. EcoMotion will continue to move forward, creating impact and supporting our inspiring innovators and community members. We meet virtually this year, but as the Jewish proverb for Pessach goes: “Next year in Jerusalem”. We will meet face to face in EcoMotion’s 10th anniversary, wewill shake hands, and hug, andmove theworld to a better place.

7 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Meir Arnon Chairman of the EcoMotion Week Board Member of the Israel Innovation Institute

Greetings and welcome from EcoMotion: A global health crisis has thankfully failed to slow the rapid evolution of Electrification and Autonomy. To the contrary, the pace of new EV and self-driving projects only has accelerated. General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai-Kia, Geely, Tesla and nearly every other global manufacturer – including many that have never built a car – are unveiling a slew of market-ready models. A generation of flying-cars and spacecraft unlike anything the world has seen approaches realization. Stunning technological innovations and breakthroughs appear almost daily. At the same time, the global shortageof semiconductor chips andunmet demand for software and artificial intelligence specialists have arrived as subjects of concern, influencing the advance of mobility innovation.Within this dynamic tableau of progress liemore opportunities than ever for designers, talent scouts, theorists, engineers, investors, financiers – anyone with a stake in the future of advancedmobility. Here is your chance to connect: the 9th session of EcoMotion onMay 18-20–presented, once more and necessarily, in a virtual format – promises to be more stimulating and rewarding than ever. We at EcoMotion remain committed to innovation that serves all peopleandtheglobal society towardasafer, healthier,moresustainable and peaceful world. Thank you for your participation, understanding and partnership.

8 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Daniella Gera Margaliot Deputy Managing Director The Smart Mobility Initiative, Israel Prime Minister’s Office

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to EcoMotion 2021! With hundreds of active Israeli startups in the smartmobility sector, cutting edge technologies and innovativemobility solutions, foreign investments exceeding $25 billion, and a surge in the number of international R&Dand innovation centers, the strength of the Israeli Smart Mobility ecosystem is amazing. We at the Smart Mobility Initiative in the Prime Minister’s Office, lead the governmental efforts topromote the development and the implementationof smartmobility solutions in Israel, andareproud to say Israel is todayoneof the leading smartmobility hubs in theworld. Inorder tocontinue tobeat the forefront of technology in this sector, it is our goal to support the ecosystemwith adaptive regulation and tools, such as legislation for driverless autonomous vehicles, the promotion of smart mobility pilot programs, a dedicated research center (ISTRC) and more. As youknow, EcoMotion itself is a joint ventureof TheSmartMobility Initiative, theMinistryof Economy and the Israeli Innovation Institute. We are very proud of this community, and take great pleasure in our ongoing partnership and community activities. Iwould like to take thisopportunityand remindyouall toSave theDate: The Prime Ministers Smart Mobility Summit 2021 will take place in Tel Aviv on the 8 th -9 th of November . Inviting all of you to come back, follow up and do more business. Thank you for joining us and wishing you a fruitful event.

9 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

David Leffler Director General Ministry of Economy and Industry

Dear EcoMotion Community members, I am delighted to share with you the annual Ecomotion booklet. Ecomotion is part of a strategic programof our Ministry to promote Israel economicgrowthbycreating innovationecosystemcommunities in selected areas. The communities support the local ecosystem and its attempts to cope with global partners in order to assimilate innovation which will affect the life of all us. It is needless to say that during these challenging times, the value of communities is greater. When meeting and networking is taking a stepback, a strong community allows us tobetter adapt andcontinue the support for the Israeli Smart Mobility ecosystem. I am sure that this booklet provides a valuable contribution for that effort. Israel iswell known for its innovation. In theAutomotive sector,while auto manufacturing does not exist at all in Israel, Israeli companies do excel in the automobile smart technology sector, as it can be reflected in this booklet. With more than 1,400 new startups per year, 300+ multinational companies, thousandsof entrepreneurs andacomprehensivebusiness ecosystem, more and more global auto manufacturers and tech giants are looking at Israel while creating thenext generationof smart vehicles. We welcome all of them and are happy to assist them in creating partnerships with the Israeli industry. I look forward to welcoming you all back in Israel in the near future.

10 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Boaz Mamo EcoMotion Founder Israel Innovation Institute Board Member

“Here’s to the crazy ones…because theoneswho are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do”. — Steve Jobs, 1997 What a year we just had (and I don’t blame you if you already erased it from your memory!). In what felt like an instant, we went from living our normal life to a new pandemic life of seclusion, anxiety, remote work, and an unbelievable amount of food deliveries. As a community, we feared the impact the pandemic would have on the mobility tech industry and to our surprise saw one of the most impressive years this industry has ever had. During the last year we had more new unicorns, IPO’s, and collaborations than any year before. This past year just proved the strength of our industry and the vigor of this community. What I have learned from this is that changes are good and force us to grow. At EcoMotion we also experienced some changes this year. After four years with Orlie as the Executive Director of EcoMotion (a very impressive four years I might add) she has decided to take on new challenges. Although shewill bemisseddearly, we are lucky tohave Eviatar Tron to takeOrlies place and continue the hardwork that she andmany others have started. Eviatar is no stranger to EcoMotion, havingbeen involved fromdayoneas amember of our advisoryboard (he evenwas a speaker at thefirst EcoMotionmeetupback in 2012). I want to take this opportunity to thank Orlie for the amazing work that she has done during the last several years and to wish Eviatar good luck. I amlooking forward toexperience EcoMotionphysically and to see you all next year in Tel Aviv.

11 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

ADAS Autonomous & Connected Startups Index

Actasys ADAM CogTech ADASKY Anachoic Arbe AVES Reality Bright Way Vision Ception Corephotonics Foresight Automotive Foretellix Hailo Heex Technologies IHEAD Innoviz Technologies Joinme

Lidwave M-ADAS Newsight Imaging Nexar NOVAlert IVS Opsys Tech RadSee Rail Vision RFISEE Spectralics Tactile Mobility TriEye VComm - For Safer & Smarter Mobility WeeeDrive

12 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Exhibited at the EcoMotion 2021 Virtual Exhibition Autonomous & Connected | Mobility Services |

Electrification & Energy

AV Systems & Platforms

Actnano AMSTAF-UGV B-Design3D BGR Robotics Carteav Technologies ClearML Cloud-wise

Cognata DirecTrainS IPgallery Kardome Maradin Ultrasenic

Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2021



LAKURUMA Ottopia Technologies OVO Automotive Radiomize QuantumLeap Valens

Aurora Labs Autotalks Ellr Eye-Net Mobile GuardKnox

Cyber Security

Argus Cyber Security Arilou Automotive Cybersecurity C2A Security

Cybellum Cyber 2.0 Enigmatos

Drones & Aviation |

Supply Chain

Cyber Security

OTTOSEC Regulus Cyber Upstream Security Vdoo

INNOSPOT Magility Masterkey Digital Optima Design Automation




Sixdof Space

Passenger Experience

14 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2021 6Degrees Crispify CU-BX Gauzy

Griiip Mappo Pick a Pier Vi INNOVATIONS Pvt.

Passenger Safety

Caaresys CorrActions Dual Vision

Jungo Connectivity Ride Vision Vayyar Imaging

Exhibited at the EcoMotion 2021 Virtual Exhibition Autonomous & Connected | Mobility Services |

Electrification & Energy

Mobility Service

Fleet Management

Autofleet BLITZ MOTORS Blue White Robotics Moovex

Movia Roadz

SafeMode WeShareit

Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2021



Urban Ride


Bambi Dynamic Click-Ins Mobicar app



Journey Experience

Aira Anagog Enroute GoWith Lyko Tech Moovit Neura

Road.Travel Silentium Step-Hear Tripo TTakeoff Tukuoro Voice Open Platform Watergen

Drones & Aviation |

Supply Chain


Expera Hub Galgalim

Nemodata Onsight


BambooBike Technologies Ecycli KRADAC - Clipp Lekeamp Mobility

Navmatic Seamless Vision Trailze Yerka Bikes


16 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2021 Payments

inTrunk Parkingstream PARKNAV

PointMe Technoso Control Systems WISESIGHT

Road Protect

HopOn Mobility

Road Safety

Otorize Safer Place viisights

0.10 of a Second A.D Knight Cipia Inpris

Exhibited at the EcoMotion 2021 Virtual Exhibition Autonomous & Connected | Mobility Services |

Electrification & Energy

Shared Mobility

BUSSI MOBILITY Citycar co-moving carpool GoTo Global Meep Moodify Mycelium Operatti

Rapido+ Ryde Mobility Same-Way AS SHIFT LIVE Spool The Good Seat Via WeBus

17 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Traffic Management

IDvision Intellicon ITC Magna BSP Mobility Insight

NoTraffic Placense Roads.AI Valerann Waycare



Save A Train


Drones & Aviation |

Supply Chain

Electrification & Energy

Alternative Energy

FlexiFuel Flower Turbines Inc. Hazon Yarok LLC

H2 Energy Now Apollo Power COLIER Platform

Batteries & Storage

3DBattery Addionics AEROSHELA K.D. ALGOLiON Carrar

Chakratec Civan Lasers

HydroLite (former PO Cell Tech) Shahar Technology Solutions StoreDot

18 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2021 Charging

Driivz ElectReon Koron Kottackal Business Solutions Private

Make My Day Powermat Technologies Solar-to-Vehicle

Energy Management

ALTECO.AI Volteum Brightmerge

Galooli VHOLA Labs Yamar Electronics

Exhibited at the EcoMotion 2021 Virtual Exhibition Autonomous & Connected | Mobility Services |

Electrification & Energy


ThermoSiv Aquarius Engines City Transformer E-Way

Reborn Electric Motors SpA REE Automotive Skivolt WATT car industries

Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2021


GLR Tech IPR Systems

EVR Motors Free Energy

Drones & Aviation


Aerial Vehicle







High Lander

System& Software

Smart Sensum Pzartech

Sital Technology

Drones & Aviation |

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Advanced Materials


Neo Composite


Customer Experience





Amphorica AI (by Casesense Technologies) Bringoz Deeyook Getruck GoTrack transportation logistics

MySize OptiWays Spinframe Technologies Trucknet VanOnGo

20 Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2021 Maritime

Cydome Security


Port Optimization

Ocean Brick Systams


Exhibited at the EcoMotion 2021 Virtual Exhibition Autonomous & Connected | Mobility Services |

Electrification & Energy

Production 4.0

Brain of Materials CASTOR Feelit Technologies Jiga 3d

RobotAI V5 Group Shipping DelivApp 99 Minutos

Startups Index EcoMotion Booklet 2021


Drones & Aviation |

Supply Chain

Autonomous & Connected

22 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

6Degrees 6Degrees empowers peoplewith disabilities by creating value through motion with its wearable AI to allow full control over any smart device

for a touch free digital independence. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | PRE-SEED |

Actasys Actasys is a leader in sensor cleaning – enabling the safe and optimal operation of complex vision systems for ADAS, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and smart cities applications by removing contaminants from the sensor lens. ADAS | SEED | Actnano actnano develops thin protective coatings for automotive processors and electronicmodules, a key enablement technology for connected and autonomous vehicles. actnano grew >70%YoY and current customers

Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021


include Tesla, Ford, GM, Volvo and JLR. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND A

ADAM CogTech ADAMCogTech is an industry leader inmonitoring & enhancement of human cognitive capabilities. ADAM offers cutting-edge solutions to prevent driver’s errors & support human machine cooperation. ADAS | ROUND B |

ADASKY ADASKYmakes intelligent, high-res LWIR thermal cameras for ADAS/ AV. These sensors see in the dark the same as in daylight, not limited by blinding lights or harsh weather, making automated driving more efficient and roads safer for all road users. ADAS | ROUND B | AMSTAF-UGV We developed AMSTAF Autonomous and collaborative UGV for HLS/ Defense Missions at secure sites as part of a holistic team to replace & save the lives of officers & for civilian tasks like Autonomous Palm works & Solar Panels Cleaning. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | PRE-SEED | Anachoic Founded in 2018, Anachoic specializes in the development of Advanced Rider Assistance Systems for the Powered Two-Wheeler market. The company’s micro-radar platform provides riders with real-time 360 0 protection via its patented spatial audio HMI. ADAS | SEED | Arbe Arbe introduced theworld’s 1st ultra-high resolution 4D Imaging Radar Platformwith 100 timesmore detailed than other radars on themarket. Empowering automakers, tier-1s, commercial and industrial vehicles, with next-gen sensing, advanced safety, and paradigm-changing perception. ADAS | ROUND C |

24 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Argus Cyber Security Argus provides carmanufacturers and their suppliers in-vehicle solutions, services, and an automotive security operation center (ASOC) to help prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats and attacks on passenger

cars and commercial vehicles. CYBER SECURITY | ESTABLISHED |

Arilou Automotive Cybersecurity Pioneers of CANand automotive Ethernet cybersecurity, Arilou believes in an automotive future secured against cyber-attack. CYBER SECURITY | ACQUIRED | Aurora Labs Aurora Labs has reinvented software quality management, remote diagnostics, and over-the-air (OTA) updates for the automotive and IoT industries to improve transparency and lower costs. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND B | Autotalks Autotalks, a V2X chipsetmarket pioneer and leader, provides customers worldwidewith state-of-the-art V2X solutions. Autotalks helps reduce collisions on roads and highways, improvingmobilitywith its automotive qualified chipsets. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND E |

Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021


AVES Reality We create georeferenced 3D environment models for AD and ADAS simulation inUnreal Engine.We combine satellite images, GIS andmap data with our AI-based procedural generation. We build a 3D twin of any area at no time including road logic and semantic information for your simulation frameworks. ADAS | PRE - SEED | B-Design3D B-Design3Dcreates highly realistic urban andoff-road 3Denvironments (“Digital Twins”) for ADAS and AV simulation systems. For the past 20 years, we are supplying detailed 3D environments, with a perfect Bright Way Vision Bright Way Vision develops and markets GatedVision technology solutions. Its automotiveproduct, VISDOM, is amarket-ready enhanced- vision solution for the automotive and transportation industries. ADAS | ROUND B BGR Robotics BGRobotics develops IVOandprovides fully integrated robotic solutions. The company co-operateswith the laboratory of autonomous robotics (LAR) at Ben-Gurion University having 20 years of experience in autonomous robotics. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | PRE - SEED | balance between realism and performance. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ESTABLISHED |

26 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

C2A Security C2ASecurity is a trusted end-to-end automotive cybersecurity solutions provider. C2A products empower OEMs and Tier 1s with full visibility over a tailored, scalable software suite for the entire vehicle lifecycle. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A | Caaresys Caaresys is a Start-up company that develops a non-contact passenger monitoring systembased on RF technology (camera-free) andmakes the vehicle cabin safer. Caaresys system utilizes vital signs to detect each vehicle occupant’s location, health conditions, and state. PASSENGER SAFETY | SEED | Carteav Technologies Carteav is an Israeli provider of Safe Autonomous Low Speed Vehicle (ALSV) solution. It is aimed for people and goods transportations in geo-fence low speed areas like resorts, hotels, gates communities, factories, airports and more. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | SEED | Ception Ception is removing the boundaries of what is possible for a vehicle by providing it with an accurate representation of the real world, presenting a new way to increase safety, improve efficiency, and enhance the experience of advanced mobility. ADAS | SEED |

27 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Cloud-wise I-STICKER is a breakthrough multi-sensor, affordable IoT device for information you need about your vehicles and your driver’s performance. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | SEED | ClearML ClearML is the leading OSSMLOps stack, offering an end2endMLOps stack fromresearch todeployment. ClearML has over 3,500organizations using it globally. ClearML supports all deep learning /machine learning workloads. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND A | Cognata Cognata is a leading global supplier of automotive simulation solutions for ADAS and AV systems. Cognata’s end-to-end simulation platform accelerates time tomarket by assisting the entire automated lifecycle,

28 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

from training to testing to deployment. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND B |

Corephotonics Corephotonics is a world leader in mobile camera innovation and a pioneer of themulti-aperture zoomcamera, that has become ubiquitous in smartphones. We have leveraged our experience and expertise in mobile cameras topush ahead the performance envelope of automotive cameras. ADAS | ACQUIRED |

CorrActions CorrActions is a non-invasive software platform that detects human brain signals using sensors already embedded in the car, improving driving safety and functionality, offering a unique solution to monitor accident avoidance and driver’s cognitive stat. PASSENGER SAFETY | SEED | Crispify Crispify is amobility-focused air qualitymonitoring andmanagement system designed to offer car owners and MaaS users the healthiest ride possible and an exceptional user experience. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | SEED | CU-BX CU-BX is transforming the automotive experience for driver &passenger safety and comfort through contact-free physiological detection of fatigue, stress, comfort and health. The systemworks as a standalone or can easily integrate with existing DMS. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | ROUND B | Cybellum The Cybellum Cyber Digital Twins™ platform empowers OEMs and suppliers to develop and maintain secure products at scale. Minimize your product cyber risk through smart vulnerability management, compliance validation and continuous monitoring. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A |

Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021


Cyber 2.0 Cyber2Car prevents attacks from reaching the Connected Car, whereas other companies Cyber 2.0 has developed a disruptive technology, based on a unique Mathematical Chaos algorithm, which provides total defense against the spread of Cyber-attacks in organizational networks. CYBER SECURITY | PRE - SEED | DirecTrainSystems DirecTrainSystems (DTS) is a pioneer in smart-rail technology, focusingon increasing track efficiency. DTS develops innovative ‘Dynamic Coupling’ technology for connecting trains/cars inmotion, next generation non- stopping trains and system solutions for rail networks and megacity transportation. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | SEED |’s connectivity platform enables safe teleoperation of autonomous vehicles using cellular bonding & dynamic encoding, providing high speed, low latency, ultra-reliable transmission of 4k video, audio, high-speed data, and control channels. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND B | Dual Vision Dual Vision is a startup that develops computer vision andDeep Learning solutions for different industries. Our A.N.A. solution helps autonomous vehicles to see and hear what is going on inside and thus take care of their passengers through alerts. PASSENGER SAFETY | SEED |

30 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021 is a data factory for companies providing both synthetic data and best in class data labelling / annotations as a platformand service. focuses on the highest level of quality that companies require to scale their services.


Ellr Ellr connects motorcycles to the internet, to enhance safety, security and productivity.

31 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021


Enigmatos Enigmatos focuses on protecting vehicles and fleets from malicious cyber activity as well as offering valuable insights on the vehicle’s operational efficiency and safety. CYBER SECURITY | SEED | Eye-Net Mobile Eye-Net develops cellular-based accident prevention solutions. The Eye-Net™Protect solution is amobile application that provides real time pre-collision alerts to vulnerable road users by using smartphones and relying on existing cellular networks. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND A |

Foresight Automotive Foresight developsmulti-spectral vision solutions that includemodules of automatic calibration, sensor fusion and dense 3Dpoint cloud. These can be applied to the automotive, defense, autonomous vehicles and heavy industrial equipment markets. ADAS | ROUND B | Foretellix VerifyingAutomatedDriving Systems, for Safe, Large-ScaleDeployment. ADAS | ROUND A | Gauzy LTD Gauzy develops, manufactures, andmarkets Light Control Glass (LCG®) technology allowing automotive glazing to change from transparent to opaque in milliseconds. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | ROUND C | Griiip Griiip is a technology company revolutionizing thewaymotorsports is experienced. We have developed the most advanced data collection, analysis and visualization software in the racing industry.

32 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021


GuardKnox GuardKnox is a tech&engineering company specializing in E/E products & solutions for the automotivemarket. As a Cybertech Tier supplier, our flexible solutions enable added connectivity, Zonal E/E Architecture, vehicle customization & security. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND A | Hailo Hailo has developed a breakthrough AI Processor based on a novel architecture which enables edge devices to run sophisticated deep learning applications that could previously run only on the cloud. ADAS | ROUND B | Heex Technologies Heex Technologies allows development teams in data intensive fields such as autonomous driving to better train AI models by filtering and leveraging the 1% relevant data with a cloud-based software. ADAS | PRE - SEED | IHEAD Amobile ground robot for monitoring crop status to optimize irrigation and application of agro-chemicals, equipped with thermal and visible cameras, anovel temperature referencedeviceandmeteorological sensors.

Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021



INNOSPOT INNOSPOT is a tech-Startup from Munich, Germany. The INNOSPOT Startup Scouting software helps companies around theworld to identify important Startups in their specific search fields. We use ML and NLP to deeply understand what a Startup is doing. CYBER SECURITY | ACQUIRED | Innoviz Technologies Innoviz is a leading provider of LiDAR technology. Our offerings include InnovizOne and InnovizTwo, automotive-grade sensors, and perception software. Additional applications are drones, robotics etc. InApril 2021 Innoviz started trading on Nasdaq. ADAS | ESTABLISHED | IPgallery High performance, Cloud Edge over 5G, AI & RT, CAV Data Platform. Efficiently handles the large amount of vehicles’ generateddata. Saves on communications andCloudCompute costs. ImprovesDriver, Passengers and Pedestrians Safety. Improves Driving and Travel Experience. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ESTABLISHED | Joinme We are a joinme And our vision is to transport you through an array of shuttlesmanagedwith smart and revolutionary technology -we offer you a new way to get to your destination. So will you joinme? ADAS | PRE - SEED

34 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Jungo Connectivity Jungo is an AI company which is part of the autonomous revolution. Jungo’s CoDriver is an innovative camera-based driver monitoring solution for theADASmarket, enablingmodern vehicle/driver interfaces by understanding the drivers, their intentions and activities.


Karamba Karamba Security provides cybersecurity solutions for connected cars. Automotivemanufacturers and Tier-1s rely on Karamba’s products and services for Seamless Lifecycle Security of their ECUs through planning, development, validation and production. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A Kardome Kardomewas founded to change theways people everywhere interact with machines and explore the true potential of speech recognition. Our team of audio experts with vast experience in acoustics, signal processing, machine learning, leverages advanced. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | SEED | LAKURUMA LAKURUMA’s develops an advanced Train-to-Infrastructure (T2I) bi- directionalwirelessoptical communication (WOC) systemwithaminimum bit rate of 400 Gbps. Our cost-effective WOC system operates in all weather conditions. CONNECTIVITY | PRE – SEED

Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021


Lidwave Lidwave is changing the paradigm in the LiDAR industry by developing a new sensor that constructs a 3Dmap of the surrounding in a unique ‘time agnostic’ way. Our IP technology is inherently different from ToF or FMCW methods, requiring a simple hardware framework and enabling true mass production. ADAS | SEED | M-ADAS M-ADAS is a unique DANGER PREDICTION SYSTEM. 25% of all motor vehicle fatalities happen in curves. M-ADAS provides the drivers with an early warning, to indicate that the current speed is dangerous for the curve the driver is approaching. ADAS | PRE - SEED | Magility Magility is a technology-oriented consultancy.With extensivemarket knowledge, as well as an international and proven network in the key industries automotive,mechanical engineering, andmobilitywe support start-ups in entering the EMEA market. CYBER SECURITY | ESTABLISHED | Masterkey Digital Masterkey’s ACDC_net is a software solution aimed at giving automotive OEMs andfleets extensivedata analysis, optimizedpassenger experience, and last-line cybersecurity solutions for in-vehicle dashboards and

36 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

infotainment systems. CYBER SECURITY | SEED |

Maradin Maradinbrings the advantages of Lasers tomany automotive applications by its proprietary advancedMEMS-based scanning solutions.Maradin’s innovative solutions serve as the core for Heads Up Displays, Exterior and Interior Lighting systems, Laser headlamps and LiDAR designs. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND B | Mappo Content supplier of cultural content curated from literature, podcasts, videos andmusic displayed according to a specific location in real time. Mappo’s mission is to create a discovery experience while engaging the passengers to the road. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | ROUND A | Newsight Imaging Newsight develops advanced CMOS image sensors for 3D machine vision and spectral analysis. Newsight’s depth camera sensors provide full 3D sensing solutions for ADAD and Automotive Safety, Robotics, Industry 4.0 and Smart city industries. ADAS | ROUND B | Nexar Nexar turns cars into vision-sensors. It powers connected vision services and apps, at scale, creating a non-line-of-sight vision feed. This standards-based approach solves the compute and connectivity challenges associated with vision processing, and is deployed in hundreds of thousands of cars. ADAS | ROUND C |

37 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

NOVAlert IVS Innovative smart-seatmonitor of driver’s fit-to-drive status. Pioneering, comprehensive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System). ADASV | PRE – SEED | Opsys Tech Opsys Pure Solid State ScanningMicro-Flash LiDAR basedon addressable VCSEL array and SPAD receiver. Our NOmoving parts solution enables true, 4D Scanning Solution. It’s operate in automotive environment, and automotive reliability requirements. ADAS | PRE - SEED | Optima Design Automation For semiconductor vendors developing chips for Automotive, meeting Functional Safety & Security standards like ISO26262 is a key challenge that Optima solves with our 1000X faster, patented technology. We have multiple active POCs with key players. CYBER SECURITY | SEED | Ottopia Technologies Ottopia provides all key technologies to control vehicles remotely and safely. Our customers save lives and money with our teleoperation platformin their autonomousfleets andacceleratedeployment.We serve every vehicle sectorwith a reliable and scalable teleoperationplatform. CONNECTIVITY | SEED |

38 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

OTTOSEC Automotive Cyber Security Service basedon in-vehicle hardware device for Aftermarket, Current Fleets, and Tier-1 manufacturers. CYBER SECURITY | SEED | OVO Automotive OVOAutomotive is a B2B SaaS company providing car fleet businesses likemobility players, fleet owners and car dealers full and remote control over their connected vehicle screens, driving in-vehicle customer ownership and enablement. CONNECTIVITY | SEED | Pick a Pier Pick a Pier is on a mission to make sailing simple, convenient and sustainable. Founded in 2017, Pick a Pier team of boating enthusiasts has built a unique platform to optimise marina operations and allow boaters to plan their voyages with ease. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | SEED |

Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021


QuantumLeap Space-Based Quantum IoT Platform. CONNECTIVITY | PRE - SEED |

Radiomize Robotic coaching HMI kit, sensing driver performance through unique OS, Protecting fromupcoming impaired driving threats &human-error, decoding behavioral anomalies through the body language of touch augmented by AI and behavioral economics. CONNECTIVITY | SEED | RadSee RadSee has developed the first 4D imaging radar to deliver outstanding performance at a game-changing cost structure. The combination of off-the-shelf components, patented technology, and unique system architecture also delivers flexibility and scalability. ADAS | SEED | Regulus Cyber Regulus Cyber is offering technology to protect GPS - timing and navigation systems on multiple mobility services including ADAS, automated vehicles, maritime, aviation, and ridesharing applications. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A | Ride Vision Ride Vision is revolutionizing the motorcycle industry by harnessing the strength of AI and image-recognition, providing riders with amuch broader awareness of their surroundings, preventing collisions, keeping them safer on the road. PASSENGER SAFETY | ROUND A |

40 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

RFISEE RFISeemakes affordable Phased-Array Imaging Radar for theAutomotive market with 3-6X better detection capabilities at all weather conditions, hence dramatically increasing safety for both ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles. ADAS | ROUND A | Sheeva.AI Sheeva.AI is the first cross-platform vehicle location-based services (VLBS) solution.We connect drivers and service providers by enabling automatic, contactless payments, last-mile navigation, and stellar Sixdof Space Sixdof’soptical solutionoffersabreakthrough in latency, accuracy&power. Our patented technology leverages light to serve as location beacons, reporting accurate position at a high speed. Applications: aerospace, defense, AR/VR, entertainment, logistics, construction, robotics. LOCALIZATION | SEED | Spectralics Spectralics creates a new breed of smart optics for imaging systems, using switchable elements controlled in real-time. the solid-state optical materials we develop allow systems to process light, waves and visual data in a way not possible before. ADAS | SEED | customer engagement. LOCALIZATION | SEED |

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Tactile Mobility TactileMobility is theworld’s leading tactile data and sensing company. The company’s unique technology, which leverages vehicles’ embedded sensors, collects real-time data and turns it into actionable insights enabling a safer and enjoyable ride. ADAS | ROUND B | TriEye TriEye is a fabless semiconductor company developing a CMOS-based Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) sensing solution to solve the low visibility challenge for ADAS & AV. Our cost-effective, HD SWIR sensor enables vision under all visibility conditions. ADAS | ROUND A | Ultrasenic Ultrasenic revolutionizes theway of how the future LiDAR systems will operate. Ultrasenic develops high performance, efficient, eye-safe and low-cost CMOS based range detection systems. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | SEED Rail Vision Rail Vision cognitive vision sensor technology and safety systems for the railway industry enable every train to detect and classify objects on and along tracks from a distance up to 2 kilometers in real-time at all weather and light condition. ADAS | ROUND B |

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Upstream Security Upstreamunlocks the value of mobility data and provides automotive stakeholders with unparalleled data-driven actionable insights for multiple applications including cybersecurity, threat intelligence, contextual analytics, predictive maintenance, telematics-based insurance, and more. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND B | Valens Valens is setting the standard for ultra-high-speed in-vehicleconnectivity; our technology transmits unprecedented bandwidth over long-reach, low-cost infrastructure, whilemaintaining error free links and enhanced EMC performance. CONNECTIVITY | ESTABLISHED | Vayyar Imaging Vayyar’sdevelops in-cabinandADAS sensors, usingautomotive-grade4D imaging radar technology. Theyprovide lifesavingdetection inandaround the vehicle, while simultaneously tracking multiple targets and objects. PASSENGER SAFETY | ROUND D | VComm - For Safer & Smarter Mobility Safety enhancement for V2X equipped vehicles by leveraging AI and big data. Focus on the domain of micro-mobility Safety and Riders Behavior Data, Using SWAlgorithmand eScooter to Traffic Lights Direct Communication, in The Urban Intersection. ADAS | PRE - SEED |

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Vdoo Vdoo enables OEMs and suppliers to uncover and manage the security exposures and risk of automotive components. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | PRE - SEED | Vi INNOVATIONS Pvt. Automotive tech start-upbased inKerala, India, with a vision to transform normal cars into smart connected cars at affordable cost. One more thing, the innovation is an assistive tech for locomotor disabled persons, empowering them. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | PRE - SEED | Waldytech WALDYTECH’s high end solutions for land /autonomous / aviation and dronemarkets comprise of high accuracy GNSS/INS products and services from NovAtel and other vendors. We offer ground truth and OEM products for various accuracies and applications. LOCALIZATION | ESTABLISHED | WeeeDrive WeeeDrive is an AI driving coach. WeeeDrive customizes defensive driving training to each driver based on her or his driving skills. ADAS | PRE – SEED |

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Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021


Mobility Services

46 Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021

0.10 of a Second 0.10 of a Second has developed a system designed to alert other road users to a variety of potential road hazards by illuminating blind areas and by better communicating the intentions of both human drivers and autonomous driving systems. ROAD SAFETY | PRE - SEED | A.D Knight A.D Knight is solving the problem of understanding and predicting where people are for pedestrians’ safety and traffic control. Its solution can generate real-time alerts to all road users including pedestrians and vulnerable road users. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | Aira Aira created FreePower, advanced wireless charging based on the Qi standard that intelligently delivers power to multiple devices placed across its surface. FreePower resolves the limitations of current Qi chargers and improves the driver experience. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND A | Anagog Anagog offers the first, On-Phone Engagement and Real-World Personalization Platform. Helping companies deliver hyper-personalized engagement in theirmobile campaigns, using awide range of first party data with complete privacy by using Edge AI. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND C |

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Autofleet Autofleet provides a Vehicle as a Service platform, enabling the largest fleets in the world to optimize existing operations and launch new on-demand transportation and logistics services froma single shared pool of vehicles. FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND A | Bambi Dynamic Insurtech at the intersection of insurance andmobility, offering an on- demand, data driven insurance platform for mobility. Our technology provides themobility and insurance ecosystemwith friendly and intuitive user experience for all processes. INSURTECH | ROUND A | BambooBike Technologies Bamboobike focusesoncreatingelectricmicromobility. All BambooBike’s products, Electric bicycles, scooters, rickshaws that are: Made from 100% natural based bamboo fibre composites & have high efficiency electric system. MICROMOBILITY | PRE-SEED | BLITZ MOTORS BLITZ has developed cutting-edge, clean energy and cost-efficient transport solution for the last mile industry. All BLITZ scooters are designed at its R&D center in Tel Aviv, where innovative battery technology and robust design are combined to create the ultimate

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emission free electric scooter. FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND A |

BlueWhite Robotics Blue White Robotics provides an operation platform for autonomous systems, to efficiently plan and operate multiple tasks in the same location on a big scale using autonomous ground & air fleets - UAV, drones and robotics. We believe in Autonomy Now! FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND A | BUSSI MOBILITY Bussi transforms public transit in cities by offering on demand public mobility solutions to transit companies, Mobility as a service apps to passengers and a digital public transit wallet to both Cities and Transit Companies. SHAREDMOBILITY | SEED | Cipia Cipia is a leading provider of intelligent sensing solutions using edge- based computer vision andAI for safer and smartermobility experiences. Offering Driver Sense - driver monitoring system, Cipia-FS10 driver monitoring device for fleets, and Cabin Sense - occupancymonitoring systems. ROAD SAFETY | ROUND E | Citycar Citycar is a hybrid four-wheeledmotorcyclewith a cabin, which is tilted when cornering. SHAREDMOBILITY | PRE-SEED |

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